10-SEO Tips For Vehicle Towing Business

You have a tow truck business and need a good amount of customers. For getting customers, you need to be a branded and famous towing company. And for that, a great towing website is required. However, it would involve having a good understanding of digital marketing.

Currently, everything is online nowadays. A huge part of digital marketing is SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is playing a major part in the marketing activities of various towing companies in Australia.

What Is SEO?

Firstly, let us understand what SEO is. Search Engine Optimization is the method of improving the quality of your website. That can help search engines like Google. They would easily rank your website’s relevance based on certain search terms.
Nowadays, search engines have become smarter and smarter. For the past few years, keywords have played a major role. Slapping a bunch of keywords on your website helps you to be close to your customers.

Why are SEO Services A Great Necessity For Towing Businesses in Australia?

Do you know the whole point of having a good SEO technique? It is to make your towing company’s name or website as the first search result. You have to make sure that your website is displayed higher on the search results. In that case, it would be more likely to be clicked by online customers.
The more clicks you get on your website, the more people are interested in your towing services. So, having an SEO-friendly website can help in driving traffic to your website. Nowadays, more people search for towing services online compared to billboards and car wrap ads. Try to optimize your towing website. That way your towing business would get more customers.

Usage Of Proper Formatting

Using the correct format of the website. It can be good for your SEO. Header tags provide a polished look to your website. Also, it can display a lot of details. You can even divide the content into various categories. Google would get main points from it. That helps to rank your website.
Most online readers like skimmable content. So, it means you have to use numbered lists, bullet points, and short paragraphs. This way the main point will get across.

Making Your Website More Mobile-Friendly

This is important for any towing website. Just think about it. Most of your clients won’t be having a PC or laptop around. They would be in an environment where they have smartphones. So, it is necessary to ensure that your potential clients can navigate your website on mobile devices.
You need to design buttons and text that are big enough. They should be easy to see and interact with on any smartphone. Make sure to look at your website from many devices. That would help you to see the format changes. Again if you have any issues, website building tools have ways to view your website on many devices.

Make it Easily To Reach To Your Website

Well, your clients would want to know how to reach you fast. So, you have to make your email and phone number visibly clear all over the website. You can be more creative and go the extra mile. Just go for a plugin that creates a link to your email and phone. So, from there people would be able to contact you. And the best part is they won’t have to worry about mistyping any vital letter or number.

Check Your Website’s Speed

Many individuals would expect your website to load fast. If your website is slow to load, then you might lose customers. Customers would get impatient and leave just before they can see what you can do. Use the best online tools to check your website’s speed quite often.

Local SEO Strategies For A Good Towing Company In Australia

The ten major ones are –

1) Get A Good Website

Many towing business owners in Australia never realize a major fact. Having a good website is more important for their industry than what they assume.
Just think of it as the emergence of the smartphone. Before smartphones were discovered, in the mid-2000s people had to depend on phone books and word-of-mouth details. This is even for calling a tow truck to have your car picked up.
However, nowadays, that is not a great issue. Whenever your car breaks down on the side of the road, you can do an online search. Just pull out your smartphone. Search on Google for the nearby towing companies. And you get the link to the company’s website.
This is what people are doing nowadays. They never check the phone book for the number of the towing company. All they do is search for your business online. So, if you don’t have a website, then forget to get a call.

2) Use Social Media

Are you using Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook? Do you have any other major social media platforms that you use often?
Social media is a great platform for connection. It is a place where people go to connect and interact with their friends, family, and even businesses.
You would be surprised to know that social media is a great marketing tool. Towing companies in Australia can take advantage of it. Some Australian towing companies are using Instagram and Facebook. They use it to promote their business to their customers.
You can use social media to raise money for the charity that you have partnered with. Also, you can show off the pics of your awesome towing rigs and machines. Frankly, social media can be your magic tool to gain more customers.
Along with connecting you with your customers, they play another major part. You can list out all the necessary contact details like business address, telephone number, and website URL.

3) Increasing Your Google Online Ranking

As you know Google is one of the top search engines in the world. People use it every day. Most people use it to find the services they require and products they want to purchase.
When people are looking for a towing company, they want one that is nearby. Along with being nearest to them, it has to have great reviews. Also, the prices need to be affordable.
Without a good SEO strategy, you are not going to prosper. A correct meta-information would help you to rank high on the Google search results. This is especially when they search for ‘towing companies near me’ or ‘roadside assistance’.
With the assistance of a good Local SEO Agency, you improve your Google ranking. And that is the majority with the best content, meta details, and Google My Business assistance.
These experienced SEO firms in Australia would make your towing website mobile responsive and fast. They would write content for your website. Also, they would add the required keywords. These keywords would help you to get searched when people search for your services online.
Frankly, getting found by customers online is important. It is the major key component for earning more business and gaining more happy customers.

4) Video

In 2006, Google bought YouTube. YouTube has become one of the second largest search engines in the world. This is second to Google. So, YouTube is SEO’s greatest tool. A powerful and engaging video embedded on your site is great.
That will make users remain on your website and watch your content. So, the bounce rate decreases. When you are posting a blog, add a video too. Just add it at the top or bottom of the post.

5) Google Search Console

Do you know the most powerful part of Google’s Webmaster tools? It is the Google Search Console.
The Search console provides the whole list of the search queries. That would result in your listing appearing on Google. Search console displays the number of people that have seen your listing, and even how many people clicked on it.
You can know about the clicks through the CTR (Click Through Rate). The CTR is calculated by dividing the number of people who clicked on your listing with the number of impressions received.
This data would assist in deciding what the most important keyword for your business is. Also, it shows what to focus your website content on. Do you want more content on the specific revenue stream or product? Do you want to rank high on something that is not a huge priority?
All these queries would help you to make smart decisions regarding your website content.

6) Custom Meta Descriptions

A meta description is what shows up below your business search results. Of course, Google spiders won’t be using meta description for ranking your website. But, having a relevant and captivating meta description can entice readers. They would click on your website rather than someone else.
That would be helpful to Google. They can know that your website is what searchers are going to click on. That would in turn help you to move up to the top of the result page.
When you don’t enter a custom meta description, Google would create it. That would be based on the content present on your website. Here they would choose something relevant. It won’t impact your ranking. But having something catchy and customized is great.

7) Google My Business

Google My Business is what gets displayed on the right-hand side of the Search Page of Google. That occurs when you search for business names in Australia. That would be great for your towing business. And you get the benefits of the ‘near me’ searches.
Google My Business insights are a great way to know the number of clicks you got. You can see how many people have clicked on your website from the listing.
Also, you can know how many have called your towing company or got directions to your company. That would be great for identifying the seasonal trends.

8) Images

Just before uploading any image to your website, you have to do one thing. Change the name of the image to something relevant. It needs to be related to the photograph and your towing business.
You are a towing company, so the picture you are going to upload would be a picture of a tow truck. In that case, change the image name to ‘tow truck *your location*.”
Here users won’t see this image. It would only get displayed when something does not load properly or is downloaded. However, search engine spiders would read the image name information when crawling to the website.
Now alternative text attributes are called alt attributes. These are what is read to someone who is visiting the webpage with the accessibility app. Here Alt attributes are read to visitors for describing what is present in the picture.
Effective alt attributes would describe what is present in the photograph in the 1-2 sentences. So, Google bots would crawl these descriptions. They would use it when indexing your website.

9) Content And Blogging

As most people know content is the king. You need to fill your website content with relevant business details. They need to be as much as possible without compromising the readability of visitors.
Your website has blogging capabilities. In that case, you have to write an original blog post. These should be regarding industry details. Also, it must be about the trends to establish your business as the expert and resource.
This would provide huge credibility to site visitors. Also, it would provide Google with more content to analyze. That would help to determine how your website can be indexed.
Regular updating of your blog content is a sign to Google that your website is active. That can help you to rank higher on the search results.

10) <H1> Header Tags

Header tags are what the title of the blog posts are written in. You need to optimize your header tags. They must contain the most relevant details of your website.
Here Google spiders would consider these tags as important information. They would consider them when you are categorizing your website.


Well, the above ten Local SEO tips can be great for your towing business in Australia. Make sure to take the assistance of a good Local SEO Agency. Do good research. Find out if they are worth your time and effort.