10-SEO Tips For Wedding Car and Limo Hire

Being a wedding car agency in Australia, you would be struggling to attract new customers. Well, when people need a wedding limo, they just do a simple Google search. Then they call the first couple of companies present in that list.
For attracting most of the customers, you need to follow many methods. One would be to rise to the top of the ranking. In this article, you can check out some of the local SEO strategies for your wedding car hire business.

Reasons Wedding Car Companies Need To Invest In Local SEO

● Replacing Yellow Pages By Google

Previously, wedding car hire companies placed ads on the yellow pages. Then they would wait for the call of potential customers. But now things have changed. Yellow pages are no more now.
Rather around 97% of the prospects search for local businesses online. And they use Google for that. So, no doubt Google takes the lion’s share of the online search market.

● Free Traffic

No doubt advertising face has changed. Still, it is one of the largest expenditures for many businesses. You need to boost your Google ranking. That would expose your company to a steady flow of free and great traffic. These you can convert into paying customers.

● Providing Rapid Results

International and national companies have to wait for six months to a year for deep changes to their Google rankings. As a wedding car hire company, you would be competing with other local wedding car firms in Australia. So, it won’t be with companies that are half a world away.
A lot of your competitors won’t be taking the advantage of Local SEO. So, it is not uncommon to hit the first few pages of Google’s local results.

SEO Is A Safe Investment For Wedding Car Hire Companies

Just think of SEO as an investment with high returns. Adding SEO to your website would be great. You can see that a few of the keywords have great conversion rates.
You need to lift your ranking to the top three spots on the first page. That is where most of the clicks are. It would provide a massive return on your investment in SEO.

SEO Is A Necessary Part Of a Marketing Plan

No doubt, SEO alone won’t help you to reach your highest marketing potential. Branding, social media, and other marketing methods must combine. They would complement the SEO.
Your business would grow to exponential heights through this combination, strengthening, and even reinforcement of each element.

SEO Impacts The Research Cycle

SEO for wedding car hire services would increase your sales. That would be proportionate without increasing your marketing cost. Thereby your profits would grow exponentially and over time.
With SEO, you can further expand your business goals. That is through better ROI compared to other major forms of online marketing. So, this would lead to fundamental effects of better conversions. And even bringing more sales at less incremental costs.

Best Local SEO Strategies For Wedding Car Hire Companies In Australia

1) Find The Best & Suitable Keywords

The major strategy in the local SEO campaign is a simple one. It is to make the list of keywords describing your wedding car hire services. For example, you would try keywords like ‘wedding car hire’, ‘wedding car rental’, and ‘chauffeur services’. Once you have set the whole list, create a free Google AdWords account.
Here you won’t need to pay for the ad campaign. However, you would require the account to gain access to Google’s free Keyword Planner tool. Here you need to enter the selected keywords for learning how the traffic is generated. You can even view the suggestions related to the keywords you won’t have considered.
Now you can narrow down which keyword you plan to use. All keywords can be categorized as any of the two types –

● Purchasing Intent

Here buying or purchasing intent keywords show one thing. It is the prospect’s readiness to make the purchase decision. For example, a person would be searching for a ‘wedding car hire in Melbourne’. They would have a wedding planned. And they would be ready to book any limo company.
Here your local SEO campaigns must be focused on the buying intent keywords. These would give out the fastest results. Just feature them on your homepage. And build your service pages around them.

● Research Intent

Some prospects would be searching for research intent keywords. This would be something for the future. Here they would be looking for a limo in the future. But they would be in the early stages of your sales funnel.

For example, someone would be searching for ‘prom transport’. They would be thinking of considering the option for the upcoming dance.
Here research intent keywords need to be at the lower priority of your Local SEO campaign. Of course, they won’t lead to rapid conversions. However, don’t throw them out. They work well for your blog posts and FAQs.
Just think of these as the opportunity to introduce your company to prospects. They would remember you whenever they are ready to hire your wedding car rental services.

2) Optimizing Your Keywords

You can optimize the finalized list of keywords. That can be done in two spots. One would be the Google My Business page and another one would be your website.

3) Using Google My Business

Just think of the Google My Business page as an effectively miniature website. It can be a part of the ‘Map’ section of Google listings. Now this page would boost the whole internet presence.
Even it would provide a brand new prospect of a faster rundown of your services. Of course, it can improve your Google rankings. Even it is easier for the Google My Business page, compared to a webpage that is ranked highly.

Your Google My Business page of yours should be completed. It needs to be accurately filled out.

● Verification

Claim your page. Then go through the Google verification procedure. When you come across the checkmark, the word ‘Verified’ must appear next to the business name, that you have already moved on.


Your business name, NAP, address, and phone number should be consistent. These need to be wholly accurate both on your Google+ listing and online. Try to make it clear that yours is a local business. That is done by selecting the local phone number rather than the 800 number.

● Categories

Google needs you to list out your services as categories. Here it is not about your results. Google categories can be a bit confusing. It requires you to list out your services rather than the results.

● Description

A description is a summary of your business. It is just like a call to action. This needs to be 100 to 200 words long. Also, it has to be in the format like {Name of Company} provides professional {limousine services, or similar} in {Your City}.

● Hours

Try to make sure that your office hours are accurate. This needs to be consistent throughout the internet. Sometimes you would be providing wedding car or limousine services besides the office hours. That needs to be listed in a separate paragraph.

● Images

Images show potential customers that you are professional. This can boost customer engagement. Just add a few photos of your drivers, cars, or even events that you have provided transportation to.
Make sure that the images are sharply focused, and sized between 10KB and 5MB. You need to replace the generic Google My Business background image with the branded ones.

4) Website Optimization

Begin with the ‘core’ pages. These would be your homepage and service pages. Try to make sure that they are optimized for your intent or purchasing keywords.
Later on, you can focus on the content page or blog post and FAQs. They also have to be optimized for the research intent keywords.

● Homepage

This is the most important element of your title tag. This can function as the chapter title of your book. Here this needs to be around 50 to 65 characters in length.
Next is the meta description. This is a 100 to 150 character description of your major service. Somewhat this would be the call to action. You need to add the H1 or visible headline. That has to be included in the primary category.
Here you need to try to go for the concise yet descriptive headline. For example {Wedding Car Service} in {City, State}. Now the last key element would be the page copy.
Here you should create 500 to 1000 words of clean and edited copy. That would provide the background information and explain the core services. This would end with a strong call to action. Also, try to incorporate your primary keyword naturally.

● Service Pages

Each core service would require a separate page. That has to be tightly focused on the single keyword.

5) Create Links And Citations

The framework of your local SEO campaign is ready. You would have to develop the citations and links. Such resources can increase your reach. Also, it can assist in improving your Google rankings.

● Citations

A citation is a simple online directory listing of your business. This contains the NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). You can check out the general national directories like Yellowpages.com and Facebook, and industry-specific directories for wedding chauffeur car companies, etc. But make sure that every listing has an identical NAP.
Here certain directories would only accept paid listings. Just before making a payment, check with Google Analytics. It won’t make sense to pay for a listing that won’t drive traffic and conversion.

● Links

Inbound links from high-quality and trustworthy sites are the best way to boost Google rankings. Create relationships online and in-person with businesses. These businesses must be offering services that complement yours.
For example, you would work with event and wedding planners. You can ask those contacts if they can trade links.

6) Collect Reviews

Customer reviews play two important roles. One they reassure Google that you have a legitimate business. Secondly, they convince new prospects to try out your services.
Of course, all review sites are important. Just focus on Google My Business reviews. They would bring a faster boost to your Google ranking. You can send an email to your satisfied customers. That needs to have the link to your Google My Business profile.
Ask them directly to write a review. Now if you make that a habit, you can get a good amount of new reviews.

7) Track Your Results

Do you know the best way to analyze your local SEO campaign?
It is by understanding how well the SEO campaigns perform. You need to find out areas that have to tweak. Then track your results.

8) Check Out Your Page Rankings

As soon as you run the Google search, results would be customized. That would be based on your previous browsing habits. So, you need to use certain tools. That would help you to learn how specific page ranks.
The free Google Search Console is the best place to begin. Your webmaster would easily install that. You can track the data once or twice a month.
You can take the assistance of paid tracking tool to gain a full picture of the progress. There are plenty of them online.
Choose one and try to track your Google My Business page and web pages. You can access automatically the updated ranking details from all the SEO campaigns you have done.

9) Gain More Traffic

For monitoring your website traffic, use Google Analytics. The same is for how many visitors you have. Google Analytics helps you to view the whole traffic and see what percentage of visitors come from Google searches.
You can even discover which pages draw the most and least visitors. Make sure to check these reports every month. That would help you with the eye to identify the long-term trends.

10) Conversions

Just think of conversion as the action that you want your website visitors to take. These would be like contacting you for free quotes. Using Google Analytics you can track both telephone and web conversions.
Plus you can find out which services provide the most conversions. Also, you can learn which individual pages have the highest and lowest conversion rates.

Want Help With SEO?

As a wedding limousine service provider, you would be in constant competition. Just make sure to follow the best Local SEO strategies. They would provide you with great results.