10-SEO Tips For Wedding Florist

It is a well know fact that floristry is a cut-throat business. And that is true even online. Competition is very much fierce and some of the few businesses become successful. So, how can you stand out?
Well, SEO strategies for your wedding florist company in Australia might not be the main answer. Still, it would be great to dominant online.

What is SEO Strategy?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing discipline. It is fully focused on increasing visibility in non-paid or organic search engine results. All, you need is to appear on the first page of Google search.

SEO has various aspects. That would range from text present on the page to methods other sites link to your florist website. Well on certain occasions, SEO is just a matter of ensuring that your website is structured. It would be in a way that search engines understand.

Of course, it is good to be search engine friendly. But good SEO won’t be achievable like that. You must make your website better for people too. This is what Google logic is about. And that is what most SEO experts feel.

Online search is going to be the necessary element of your marketing mix. While social media provides headlines, search engines do more. They bring in visitors to your website.

Do you know organic search brings around 51% of traffic? Social searches bring around 5% only. So, it is time to rethink your marketing tactics. Keep in mind that social media sites are not the major navigation method for various users. But they would bring in less traffic compared to search engines.

Simple SEO Florist Tips Are Best For Your Business

Frankly, search engines provide results based on the intent. Well, just think of it like a person looking for a wedding florist in Australia. He or she won’t be able to find you.

Why? Well, your website is invisible to search engines. So, you miss out on various potential customers. Just think of search engines as answering machines.

As soon as a person types in words into the search box, the question would be examined. Here the typed words would be matched with the ones present in the database. The database would be billions of documents. And two actions would be done here.

One would be to return results that are relevant or useful to the searcher’s query. Another one would be to rank them as per the website’s reliability. Here it is both reliability and relevance that the SEO process must influence.

Relevance and popularity are assigned through mathematical algorithms. The inputs of these algorithms change.

Gaining More Traffic From Search Engines

Keep in mind one thing. Search engines won’t tell you which variables they are using. That would make them quickly gamed. However, they would be very much happy to give you the best practice guides.
Some of the important factors are –

● Creating A Website

You have to own and keep up with your business website. Apart from the social media strategies, this is also a basic method of creating a good online marketing method. Think of your website as a place where you can freely keep all the details pertaining to your business. It would be the place where potential customers would look for in a single place. Various studies show that 90% of people visit a business’ website just before making a call or stopping by. So, it is necessary to make your website well-organized, accessible, and attractive.

● Search Ads

Using auction, Google organizes search ads. You are more likely going to rank for keywords based on how much you pay for certain keywords. But that is not the only aspect that affects the ad placement. Here the user experience and quality of the ad matter. Now the ad would promise the ‘beautiful flowers for affordable prices’ and ‘best wedding florists in Australia’. So, it would be a clickable ad. Here its usage of the words would catch the eye. Somewhat it can promise affordability and even beauty. Here the description is great as it promises something. It does the legwork for you and even highlights your services. When you are using numbers of keywords is great. Numbers take up as much space as you want. Using keywords like ‘beautiful’ or ‘location’ would be a great method that attracts people. They would scroll down and be compelled to click on it. Also, the ad can be optimized as per the location. So, it can appear only when people search for those locations. Also, that would prevent the ad from getting clicked by people who have no interest in it. Keep in mind that people are only going to click on the ad if they are interested in it. Especially when they are planning on making some purchases.

● Content

Just try to create an informative and practical site. Here your webpages need to be clear. Also, they have to describe your content. Make sure that the ALT attributes and elements are accurate and descriptive. Now algorithms wouldn’t analyze images. They have to be told what images are depicting. That is done by listing it in the alt tag.

● Hierarchy

Always make sure that your website has a clear hierarchy. Also, a good amount of text links. Not only that, every page has to be reachable. At least from one of the static text links.

● URLs

The URLs you use should be human-friendly. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about that. Most website content management systems make that easy just like flickering a switch.

● Keywords

Develop keyword-rich content and match those keywords to what users are searching for. For example, you are a wedding florist doing business in Australia. So, make sure to write about weddings rather than any other events. Of course, this sounds obvious. But many people end up writing about other irrelevant topics. That can confuse the search engines. Just think about it. A blog explaining wedding flowers would be much better than one explaining funeral arrangements. Sometimes your business would be diverse. So, it would be best to just focus right at the beginning to build up authority in a single niche.

● Provide Fresh Content

Always produce new and fresh content regularly. A site that has been updated yesterday would be better. Nobody likes to read a post that is from 2000.

● Link –Backs

Try to reach out to those present in your community. You could ask them for backlinks. However, just avoid buying links from another site. You should not have the aim of getting page rank. Try to concentrate on getting traffic. These schemes are commonly picked by Google and later on penalized.

Super Simple SEO For Florists

1) Make Sure To Register With Google My Business And Other Directories

Firstly think about registering on Google My Business listing. This is one of the best directories on steroids. Listing on it would make sure that your business gets shown on Google Maps. The best part is that it would show the opening hours. Google loves physical stores. It would rank them compared to the non-local business having no physical address. Google My Business is free and some charge a listing fee. Make sure to go for as many as you can to get the most exposure.

2) Try To Be Local

Now there would be less competition for ‘wedding florist in Melbourne’ than ‘wedding florist’. Also, you won’t be getting a contract from the bride who is miles away. As you are an Australian business, you won’t be interested in USA searches. Keep in mind that less competition is great. It equals to be in the first three search results of the Google pages. So, that is what you need. Here subsequent pages won’t count much.

3) Select The Required Keywords Carefully

You won’t be needing over-saturated keywords. Also, avoid ones that won’t convert well. You can use Google AdWords and Google Trends. These would help you find ideas for your keywords. Here the competition for florist-based keywords and town names would be tough. That would be very difficult when you are located in a big city. So, it makes sense to go for more specific location-wise. Sometimes you would want to use the town name in the keywords. Just begin by googling it. You can find out who your competitions are. So, if you think you can make it to the first page of search results, go for it.

4) Provide Google With Lots Of HTML Text

Of course, algorithms like text. That helps them to analyze it. More than images and text that can’t be read, the text is great for algorithms. Do you know that videos and images can be visible to search engines manually? However, they can have very little value compared to the HTML text. You would be setting up your website. Sometimes you would be going through the redesign phrase. In that case, try WordPress. Google loves it. So, would you. It is very easy to use and all the plugins extend functionality. That too without a developer.

5) On-Page Optimization

You would be having an ideal website. So, it needs to do the following things –
● Insert subject into the URL.
● Be highly relevant to the specific topic.
● Add subject to the title tag.
● Include subject in the ALT text.
● Specify the subject many times all around the text content. Here keyword density won’t be that much necessary. So, avoid stuffing your keywords without any purpose.
● Present unique content regarding the given subject.
● Link back to its category page and even the subcategory page.
● Get a link that points to your homepage

6) Try To Be Mobile Friendly

Never underestimate the laziness of people. Also, don’t take their desire for instant gratification. Some people would be searching for mobile devices. They won’t go to the trouble of switching devices if your website won’t load correctly. That means you lost one customer.

7) Ensure Content Quality And Freshness

Get to have high and relevant quality content that talks about your wedding bouquet business. Attractive content would draw in potential clients. Here freshness is based on analyzing trends and curating content. That would make sure that your search engines find your services relevant. The best SEO company would help you with great SEO strategies. Also, they would look out for constantly changing consumer trends. That would make your content get leads in no time.

8) Do Vertical Searches

Besides webpages, Google even displays audiovisual results like videos and images. You can use horizontal searches that would pull general results. Google’s section for videos and images is called as ‘vertical search’. Sometimes your florist service web age won’t perform well enough. With the assistance of the best SEO expert services, you can improve your rankings. That too from the assortment of audiovisual content.

9) Get Links Back To Your Website

Now certain websites would link to you. Google would assume that you are endorsed by these websites. Try to get registered with well-known directories. Make sure to avoid less reputable directories. Especially avoid the ones that seem spammy. That would have a negative effect on your rankings. When you hire an SEO firm, it would be great. You get loads of links from the dodgy websites. That would assist you only in the short term. However, Google is against spammy SEO methods. So, in the long term, it would backfire on you. Also, a reputable SEO firm would not do this.

10) Right Social Media And Shares

Well, solid social media is the best way for establishing yourself. That would be best when big businesses present in your industry share your content. Similar to backlinks, that would make search engines think you are reliable. Automatically your ranking would get higher in the SERPs.


As a florist for a wedding in Australia, you would be having a tough time doing business. There is an excessive competition that can pull you down. But with the best SEO strategies, you can overcome them.