Digital Marketing Amidst Covid-19 Consider This First

You can find the Australian Government’s official Covid-19 updates here:

Digital Marketing amidst Covid-19, Consider this first…

It’s natural to reduce costs during the Covid-19 shutdown in Australia and across the world. While we help small business owners across Australia to market their business online, we have understood below considerations for these tough times.

Here is the list of industry segments most impacted among the broader business community by the Covid-19 Pandemic in Australia.

  • Clubs, Pubs and Bars (Government Shutdown)
  • Cinemas and Movie Theatres (Government Shutdown)
  • Event Venues and Function Halls (Government Shutdown)
  • Restaurants and Cafes (Only allowed to do deliveries and takeaways)
  • Event Organisers and Rentals (Government Shutdown of small to big events)
  • Real Estate Companies (No Auctions and open house inspection)
  • Personal services such as beauty therapy, tanning, massage and tattoo parlours. (Government Limitations)
  • Amusement parks and arcades, and indoor and outdoor play centres. (Government Shutdown)
  • Galleries, museums, libraries and swimming pools. (Government Shutdown)
  • Gyms and indoor sport venues. (Government Shutdown)
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Transport
  • Weddings (Government Limitations)
  • Funerals (Government Limitations)

Now, most of the business owners are thinking about how they can cut their expenses during this time while still make money if possible?

With most businesses still relying heavily on SEO and Paid Ads in Digital Marketing for their survival and growth many business owners are now thinking about what they should do with their digital marketing?

Business owners in Australia should first consider below information to evaluate the future courses of action with Digital Marketing during Covid-19.

·Consider User Intent during Covid-19 times.

Are my website visitors searching to buy or just want more information for now?

Most people will be online researching and revisiting their potential suppliers or potential customer’s websites, emails or other digital channels.

The likelihood of someone actually converting is very low unless they are in medical supplies or grocery businesses in which case their business is booming at this time.

Understanding the user intent will help businesses adapt and change their digital marketing strategy and implementation in line with what the user really needs.

If you know there were customers who were about to buy from you just before the pandemic hit your business then its best to nurture those leads so they come back to buy from you when the pandemic ends.

If your business had lots of repeat customers with small value transactions, then it’s best you simply engage casually to keep them updated about your business via Social Media or eMail newsletter.

·Analytics may not present accurate data during Covid-19

Is my Analytics set up correctly to adjust for Covid-19?

Realise that your Google Analytics or any other analytics data will be skewed for this time. Your employees, suppliers, customers and even your competitors will be looking at your website and other digital channels during this period.

Understanding your data will be more important than anything else at this time. If your Analytics platform is integrated with your CRM that will give you a better insight into the true value of the traffic your digital channels receive in this period.

·Manage your Paid Media frequently if you are still spending

Is my current Paid Media spend justified during Covid-19?

A lot of businesses are still spending money on paid ads during the Covid-19 outbreak and it can be quite effective if done right.

As a small business owner in uncertain times, you may want to reduce your paid ads spend and manage it almost daily.

Review your bidding strategy to make necessary changes, create multiple variations to test, add more GTM codes for micro-conversions and events.

It may also be a great time for some industries to take advantage of the low CPC rates due to less competition but it’s best to discuss this with your digital marketer first.

Review search trends on and change in keywords patterns during this time as people use a different combination of keywords to search what they are looking for.

·Use eMail marketing and newsletters to a great effect

How will eMail marketing help my business during Covid-19?

While you try to cut down the costs consider using eMail marketing over other channels.

eMail marketing to your database can lower your reach cost while it may also deliver more engagement as people have more time to read your email because of the shutdown.

You can also combine this with nurture funnels so you are sill moving people from TOFU (Top Of the Funnel) to MOFU (Middle Of the Funnel) so by the time this pandemic is over you have some customers ready to convert if not before.

·Strengthen your SEO, build on top of it

Should I still focus on SEO during Covid-19?

As you know by now, SEO takes time. So, this might be the best opportunity to build on top of your existing SEO achievements. Run multiple audits to make sure your website loads fast on multiple devices and browsers. Resolve any server or coding issues. Make sure your CDN (Content Delivery Network) is optimised to deliver content quickly on your website.

Are your keywords still relevant to your website and your target audience? Is there any change in search trends in your industry?

· Write more relevant content to strengthen your Digital Marketing?

should I be working on content marketing during Covid-19?

Just like your SEO Content Marketing also takes time. This might be the best opportunity for you to write about business, its products and services, and their applications and uses, how it might benefit your target audience and so on.

Content Marketing might be forgotten yet one of the most important tools in your digital marketing that engage customers across all channels.

There is no better time to translate your business proposition to convincing words than now. Because you know your business outside this might the perfect time to get your digital marketer and yourself to focus on building your digital marketing content.

Realise that just like yourself digital marketers also have to support and pay their staff during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Help your and support your local digital marketing agency in Australia so they pay it forward.

Grownomics – Digital Marketing Agency is here to help your business during the Covid-19 outbreak, so get in touch with us if need any kind of help during these tough times.