How does domain age affect my SEO and my small business in Australia?

How does domain age affect my SEO?

What is Domain Age?

Simply put, these are domain names that have been around for a long time. Like, a long-standing business. Just a domain name is not good enough, its even better if a website has been hosted on this domain name.

There are domains which have got a top reputation in their market or the industry. Having an old domain name is a great bonus since it requires much time and effort to make a fantastic standing at the start. In case you’ve an opportunity to purchase an old domain which currently has high standing whilst also being highly rated on SE, then you are an extremely lucky person. Many businesses spend a long time and lots of cash to find an old domain name with positive reputation towards it.

If your domain name is older it usually means that its visitors also has to be significant.  Having routine visitors takes money, effort and time, so purchasing an obsolete domain name with already established heavy visitors from the last owner is true achievement.  Whatever you have to do is keep the present level of visitors and work on raising it.

Is Domain Age important for my SEO and my Australian business?

The brief reply to this question is yes, the domain is a significant search engine optimization variable for the Google ranking. One of the countless weighting factors that Google believes in deciding how to position search engine results will be that the age of your domain name – in other words, just how long domain has existed.

There is a certain quantity of debate about just how significant domain is to your own ability to rank well but studying and experience with SEO professionals paints a fairly clear picture an old domain competes for positions somewhat better. In reality, Google has stepped forward to inform us a bit about the significance of domain, however as usual they are still holding their cards near their chest.

However, as with everything from the search engine optimization world, domain is merely one of many, many variables and it’s surely not among the largest factors (those are search-engine optimization and backlinks). Older domains will surely have a small bit of an advantage, but the significance of the era is frequently confused with the fact that elderly domains also generally get far more backlinks (and organic backlinks) simply because of how they have had so several years to get them.

Put simply a domain name which has been bought and registered but doesn’t have true website on it, or nothing which Google has found, is just like a domain name which you purchased yesterday.

This topic has been discussed for a very long time now, back in 2010 Matt Cutts then head of search at Google said this about domain age.

“The gap between a domain that is six months older vs one year old is not that large in any way. Provided that you have been in existence for at least a month or two, you need to have the ability be certain you could appear in search results”

Domain Name age is now a element in determining Google positions, and part of our SEO.  Websites are devalued for its first couple of months after Google first finds them.  It’s very hard to rank well for competitive conditions in these first couple of months.  In reality, some search engine optimization professionals simply will not work with brand-new domain names.  Based on Google’s Matt Cutts, the gap between a domain that is 6 weeks old and 12 months old is tiny.

What do we think about Domain Age’s impact on a small business in Australia?

In 2020, most Australian businesses have moved online and have had domain names for some time. What is important to consider here is that this will impact new business and this year we have seen many people start their business from home in Australia who would have purchased new domains and hosted websites on them. These people are the ones who will be impacted the most by the domain age. New Businesses are most affected by domain age as they buy new domains and may rely on SEO to attract new business.

Even though Mtt Cutts said this 10 years ago it still holds true even today. Among the very significant things to notice here is that Matt does not state that domain age is not an issue as it is one of many things that impacts SEO.  There are a small number of people around who insist that this is how it is. He clearly suggests that young domains will fight to rank on Google, and goes to cite the gap between domain age is not significant but one of many factors that impact SEO results and in turn your small business in Australia. The benefits are little when considered all other factors that influence the search result… clearly suggesting that there is, in actuality, a gap although its not huge gap.

It is well worth noting that the domain age isn’t only about how long you have owned a domain name, but rather how much time it was since Google first realised that domain name, or watched a URL to your domain. As a result of this many businesses buy “aged” domains which have existed for some time only to realise it does not provide any value to your SEO or your small business in Australia.

At Grownomics, we understand many other things like domain age that affect SEO performance. We deliver results using white-hat techniques that have been proven to work for many years. If you have more questions about domain age and how it affects your business then call us and we’ll be happy to have a chat with you.